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Carolina Cardenas Olaya

Group : OHMS

You can find here my publication list. If you want to obtain a copy of one of them and you can not obtain it otherwise, please contact me

Publication list :

Category article
  • Noise characterization of analog to digital converters for amplitude and phase noise measurements
    Review of Scientific Instruments (Volume 88, Issue (6), may 2017)
    Cardenas Olaya, Carolina | Rubiola, Enrico | Friedt, Jean-Michel | Bourgeois, Pierre-Yves | Ortolano, Massimo | Micalizio, Salvatore | Calosso, Claudio
    doi | bibtex
Category inproceedings
  • Simple Method for ADC Characterization under the Frame of Digital PM and AM Noise Measurement
    Proceedings 2015 Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and European Frequency and Time Forum (2015, Pages pages 676 - 680)
    Cardenas Olaya, Carolina | Friedt, Jean-Michel | Ortolano, Massimo | Micalizio, Salvatore | Calosso, Claudio