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Valentin Quesneau


  • Tel. :
  • Address : Aucune

You can find here my publication list. If you want to obtain a copy of one of them and you can not obtain it otherwise, please contact me

Publication list :

Category inproceedings
  • Development of acoustic wave sensors based on cobalt corroles for carbon monoxide detection
    Naitana, M.L. | Gros, C. | Quesneau, Valentin | Desbois, N. | Brandes, S. | Vanotti, Meddy | Blondeau-Patissier, Virginie | Ballandras, Sylvain
  • Electrochemistry and protonation of open-chain pentapyrroles and sapphyrins with highly Electron-withdrawing meso-substituents
    Wang, Wei - Shan | Desbois, N. | Blondeau-Patissier, Virginie | Naitana, M.L. | Quesneau, Valentin | Gros, C. | Huang, W.