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Nadine Piat


Group : Nanorobotics

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  • Address : 26 rue de l'Epitaphe 25030 BESANCON cedex

I am professor since 1998 at the ENSMM (Engineering school in Mechanics and Microtechniques) and researcher at the Laboratoire d’Automatique de Besançon (LAB), now AS2M research department of FEMTO-ST Institute. My research areas concern perception and advanced control strategies based on visual servoing and reinforcement learning for automation of distributed microrobotic systems.
I am involved in the following research projects:
• HYDROMEL (2006-10): European Integrated project on hybrid ultra precision manufacturing process based on positional- and self-assembly for complex micro-products
• ANR Smart Surface (2007 –10) Design and control of distributed microrobotic systems for robust and adaptive micromanipulation