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Brahim Tamadazte


Group : MiNaRoB

PhD student

The PhD title : " Vision-based Control for MEMS Handling and Microassembly "

Brahim Tamadazte holds a MS degree in Robotics and Intelligent Systems from the Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) university, France. He is currently a PhD Student at Femto-st Institute in AS2M department (Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems).

1 - Optical Fiber µManipulation (image-based visual servoing)
2 - High accuracy positioning and orientation (multiple scale image-based visual servoing)
3 - Automatic Pick&Place of silicon component (multiple scale image-based visual servoing)
a- trajectory planing 1)
b- trajectory planning and tracking 2)
c- trajectory planning and tracking 3)
d- trajectory planning and tracking 4)
4 - Automatic microassembly of 3D MEMS (pose-based visual servoing)
5 - Automatic microassembly of complex and solid 3D MEMS (pose-based visual servoing)