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Michael Petersen

Group : OHMS

You can find here my publication list. If you want to obtain a copy of one of them and you can not obtain it otherwise, please contact me

Publication list :

Category inproceedings
  • A high-performance cell-based microwave clock using push-pull optical pumping,
    European Frequency and Time Forum joint with International Frequency Control Symposium (EFTF-IFCS 2017) / Besançon, France (2017)
    Boudot, Rodolphe | Abdel Hafiz, Moustafa | Francois, Bruno | Coget, Grégoire | Petersen, Michael | Guerandel, S. | Yun, Peter | De Clercq, Emeric | Calosso, Claudio | Micalizio, Salvatore
  • Ramsey-CPT spectroscopy-based Cs cell atomic clock
    International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy ICOLS2017 (2017)
    Abdel Hafiz, Moustafa | Coget, Grégoire | Petersen, Michael | Guerandel, S. | De Clercq, Emeric | Boudot, Rodolphe