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Patrick Nectoux

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Group : PHM

CNRS Research and Development Engineer
Patrick Nectoux received his engineering degree in Electronics from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in 2008.
Design engineer at the CNRS since 12 years, he is currently assigned to the FEMTO-ST Institute (Besancon, France). He works with the PHM Team in the department of “Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems” (Automatique et Systèmes Micro-Mécatroniques AS2M). He's a member of the FEMTO-ST's Electronics Service. He’s in charge of occupational health and safety for the AS2M departement
He manages testbed platform development projects in the field of health assessment, diagnostic and prognostic.
He currently works on the PRONOSTIA Platform retrofit, developping an embedded system with FPGA and real time CPU. He’s also involved in developing the electronic interface of a home made micro-force sensor, using microcontrollers.
His current fields of interest are instrumentation, embedded systems, electronic and mechatronic engineering.

You can find here my publication list. If you want to obtain a copy of one of them and you can not obtain it otherwise, please contact me

Publication list :

Category article
  • Enabling Health Monitoring Approach Based on Vibration Data for Accurate Prognostics
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (Volume 62, Issue (1), jan 2015, Pages :647 - 656)
    Javed, Kamran | Gouriveau, Rafael | Zerhouni, Noureddine | Nectoux, Patrick
    pdf | doi | bibtex
  • E2GKpro: An evidential evolving multi-modeling approach for system behavior prediction with applications
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP) (Volume 37, apr 2013, Pages :213 - 218)
    Serir, Lisa | Ramasso, Emmanuel | Nectoux, Patrick | Zerhouni, Noureddine
    pdf | doi | bibtex
  • Feature Evaluation for Effective Bearing Prognostics
    Quality and Reliability Engineering International (Volume 29, Issue (4), jun 2012, Pages :477 - 486)
    Camci, Fatih | Medjaher, Kamal | Zerhouni, Noureddine | Nectoux, Patrick
    pdf | doi | bibtex
Category inproceedings
  • A feature extraction procedure based on trigonometric functions and cumulative descriptors to enhance prognostics modeling.
    IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management, PHM'2013. (2013, Pages pages 1-7)
    Javed, Kamran | Gouriveau, Rafael | Zerhouni, Noureddine | Nectoux, Patrick
    pdf | bibtex
  • PRONOSTIA : An experimental platform for bearings accelerated degradation tests
    Conference on Prognostics and Health Management. / Denver, Colorado, États-Unis (Publisher : IEEE, Volume sur CD ROM, 2012, Pages pages 1-8)
    Nectoux, Patrick | Gouriveau, Rafael | Medjaher, Kamal | Ramasso, Emmanuel | Morello, Brigitte | Zerhouni, Noureddine | Varnier, Christophe
    pdf | bibtex
  • Evidential Evolving Gustafson-Kessel Algorithm (E2GK) and its application to PRONOSTIA's Data Streams Partitioning.
    Conference on Decision and Control and European Control. / Orlando, Floride, {\'E}tats-Unis (Volume sur CD ROM, 2011, Pages pages 8273-8278)
    Serir, Lisa | Ramasso, Emmanuel | Nectoux, Patrick | Bauer, Olivier | Zerhouni, Noureddine
    pdf | bibtex