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Violeta Felea


Group : DEODIS

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  • Address : 16 route de Gray CS11809 25030 BESANCON cedex

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    Courses at Computer Science Department at UFR ST (Franche-Comté University)

    * Programming Initiation / Algorithmics and Programming - approche procédurale de la programmation (bachelor degree) (until 2008)
    * Operating Systems and Networks (Système et réseaux) - operating systems, memory and process management (bachelor degree)
    * Distributed Systems and Networks Fundementals - parallel programmating using message paradigm, MPI (masters degree)
    * Models and Evaluation of Parallel and Distributed Informatic Systems - parallel and distributed genetic programming and heuristics for the multiobjectives optimisation (masters degree)
    * Distributed Systems Communication - distributed object model with RMI and CORBA (distance learning, masters degree - until 2009)
    * Communicating and Synchronized Systems - socket programming, synchronization (masters degree)
    * Web Services and Distributed Components - servlet, jsp, MVC with J2EE - Struts framework (professional bachelor degree)
    The research activities concern sensor network themes: architectures and routing protocols in wireless sensor networks (real time issues, energy saving)

    * deployment architectures - sensor networks generally involve a large number of sensors. Adapted structuring strategies, virtual or dynamic, need to be integrated in order to reduce the management cost of the network when communications are involved.
    - Masters Research internship and K. Beydoun PhD "Conception d'un protocole de routage hiérarchique pour les réseaux de capteurs" (december 2009)
    * hierarchical routing protocols
    - PhD of K. Beydoun "Design of hierarchical routing protocol for sensor networks" ("Conception d'un protocole de routage hiérarchique pour les réseaux de capteurs") - december 2009
    * constraints of quality of service. Issues concerning integration of quality of service in terms of real time have been considered, as critical point in applications over sensor networks. Indeed, for monitoring in military or environmental domains, processing sensed information, and setting off particular actions can be done only if the transmission of data is bounded in time. In the same context, of communication, a tradeoff is to be determined between minimisation of communication costs and quality of service in order to assure data routing in imposed deadlines.
    - Masters Research internship
    * cross layer approaches to optimize latency and energy

You can find here my publication list. If you want to obtain a copy of one of them and you can not obtain it otherwise, please contact me

Publication list :

Category article
  • A SAW wireless sensor network platform for industrial predictive maintenance
    Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (jul 2017, Pages pp 1 - 12)
    Gombé, Bérenger Ossété | Mérou, Gwenhael Goavec | Breschi Jimenez Ramirez, Karla | Guyennet, Hervé | Friedt, Jean-Michel | Felea, Violeta | Medjaher, Kamal
    doi | bibtex
  • Latency optimization through routing-aware time scheduling protocols for wireless sensor networks
    Computers & Electrical Engineering (Volume 56, nov 2016, Pages :418 - 440)
    Louail, Lemia | Felea, Violeta
    doi | bibtex
  • Dynamic Load Balancing Mechanism for Distributed Java Applications
    Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (Volume 18, Issue (3), mar 2006, Pages :305 - 331)
    Felea, Violeta | Toursel, B.
    doi | bibtex
Category book
  • Apprendre à programmer avec {C} et {Python}
    Vuibert (Edition : 1st, sep 2015)
    Steen, Jean-Pierre | Felea, Victor | Felea, Violeta
  • Introduction à l'informatique - Apprendre à concevoir des algorithmes - Cours et problèmes corrigés
    Vuibert (oct 2013)
    Felea, Victor | Felea, Violeta
Category inproceedings
  • Routing-aware TDMA scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks
    2016 12th Annual Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS) / Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy (2016, Pages pages 9 - 16)
    Louail, Lemia | Felea, Violeta
  • Routing-Aware Time Slot Allocation Heuristics in Contention-Free Sensor Networks
    14th IFIP WG 6.2 International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications, WWIC 2016 / Thessaloniki, Greece (Publisher : Springer, Volume 9674, 2016, Pages pages 271 - 283)
    Louail, Lemia | Felea, Violeta
    doi | bibtex
  • Routing and TDMA Joint Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Sensor Networks
    15th International Conference on Ad-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks, ADHOC-NOW 2016 (Volume 9724, 2016, Pages pages 111 - 123)
    Louail, Lemia | Felea, Violeta
    doi | bibtex
  • MAC-aware Routing in Multi-Sink WSN with Dynamic Back-off Time and Buffer Constraint
    2016 8th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility and Security / Larnaca, Cyprus (2016, Pages pages (5 pages))
    De araujo marques leao, Lucas augusto | Felea, Violeta | Guyennet, Hervé
    doi | bibtex
  • On Query Containment Problem for Conjunctive Queries Under Bag-Set Semantics
    ACIIDS 205, 7th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems / Bali, Indonesia (Publisher : Springer, Volume 9011, 2015, Pages pages 159 - 169)
    Felea, Victor | Felea, Violeta
    doi | bibtex
  • MAC-aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
    2015 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking (BlackSeaCom) / Constanta, Romania (Publisher : IEEE, 2015, Pages pages 225 - 229)
    Guyennet, Hervé | Louail, Lemia | Felea, Violeta | Bernard, Julien
    doi | bibtex
  • Performance sensitivity of routing algorithms with various models of wireless sensor networks
    ISSNIP 2013, 8-th IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing / Melbourne, Australia (Publisher : IEEE, 2013, Pages pages 141--146)
    Bernard, Julien | Felea, Violeta
    doi | bibtex
  • Scenario-based Routing for Sensor Networks Applied to Ambient Navigation Assistance
    SAS 2012, IEEE Sensor Applications Symposium / Brescia, Italy (2012, Pages pages 222--227)
    Felea, Violeta | Beydoun, Kamal
    pdf | bibtex
  • WSN Hierarchical Routing Protocol Taxonomy
    ICT 2012, 19-th Int. Conf. on Telecommunications / Jounieh, Lebanon (2012, Pages pages 1--6)
    Beydoun, Kamal | Felea, Violeta
    pdf | doi | bibtex
  • Algorithm for Term Linearizations of Aggregate Queries with Comparisons
    DEXA 2012, 23-rd Int. Conf. on Database and Expert System Applications / Wien, Austria (Volume 7447, 2012, Pages pages 408--415)
    Felea, Victor | Felea, Violeta
    pdf | bibtex
  • Wireless Sensor Networks Routing over Zones
    SoftCOM 2010, 18th Int. Conf. on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks / Split-Bol, Croatia (2010, Pages pages 402--406)
    Beydoun, Kamal | Felea, Violeta
    pdf | bibtex
  • Management of Real Time Constraints in Sensor Networks
    SoftCOM 2010, 18th Int. Conf. on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks / Split-Bol, Croatia (2010, Pages pages 47--50)
    Felea, Violeta
  • Une approche parallèle et distribuée pour la complétion d'automates d'arbre
    AFADL'10, Congrès Approches Formelles dans l'Assistance au Développement de Logiciels / Poitiers, France (2010, Pages pages 43--46)
    Caciula, A. | Courbis, Roméo | Felea, Violeta | Heam, Pierre-cyrille | Ionescu, R.
    pdf | bibtex
  • Wireless Sensor Network Infrastructure: Construction and Evaluation
    ICWMC'09, Int. Conf. on Wireless and Mobile Communications / Cannes, France (2009, Pages pages 279--284)
    Felea, Violeta | Guyennet, Hervé | Beydoun, Kamal
  • A dynamic clustering construction for wireless sensor networks
    CTS'09, int. symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems / Los Alamitos, CA, United States (2009, Pages pages 565--570)
    Felea, Violeta | Guyennet, Hervé | Martins, David | Pamba Capo-Chichi, Eugène
    doi | bibtex
  • Energy-Efficient WSN Infrastructure
    DCSN'08, Int. Workshop on Distributed Collaborative Sensor Networks / Irvine, California, United States (2008, Pages pages 58--65)
    Felea, Violeta | Beydoun, Kamal
  • Wireless sensor network system helping navigation of the visually impaired
    ICTTA'08, IEEE int. conf. on Information and Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications / Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic (2008, Pages pages 1--5)
    Felea, Violeta | Guyennet, Hervé | Beydoun, Kamal
  • OBMAC: An Overhearing Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
    SENSORCOMM'07, int. conf. on Sensor Technologies and Applications / Valencia, Spain (2007, Pages pages 547--553)
    Felea, Violeta | Guyennet, Hervé | Le, Hung-Cuong
  • A Low Latency MAC Scheme for Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks
    MSN'07, Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Network / Beijing, China (2007, Pages pages 291--301)
    Felea, Violeta | Guyennet, Hervé | Le, Hung-Cuong | Zerhouni, Noureddine
  • Java Application Execution in Heterogeneous and Multi-user Systems
    Procs of the 1st IEEE Int. Conf. on Distributed Frameworks for Multimedia Applications, DFMA'2005 / Besançon, France (2005, Pages pages 331--337)
    Felea, Violeta | Paroux, G. | Toursel, B.