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Journée scientifique "10 ans FEMTO-ST"

 FEMTO-ST 10 years academic day

February, Thursday 5th, 2015
Amphithéâtre Emilie du Châtelet, ENSMM, Besançon, France

The FEMTO-ST institute, became over the last 10 years one of the (if not THE) largest French academic laboratory in the field of engineering sciences. It will be celebrating its 10th birthday on next February, 5th, through a full day of 8 conferences given by worlwide experts in academic fields related to the Research Institute activities. As an institutional or academic partner,

Additionally to the oral conferences, , a poster session will be organized during lunch, giving you also the possibility to trigger discussions and provide further details on the current activities of the institute.

As a member of the institute, or as a scientific collaborator, you are enthusiastically invited to join us for this day of conferences (see lecturers below)

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