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National scientific trans-GDR day "Micromanipulation for micro and nano systems"

Micro and nano systems constitute an excellent example of the evolution of the products towards a miniaturization, personalization and integration of a growing number of functionalities. This evolution goes with those of microtechnologies and packaging and requires more and more often micro‐assembly operations. Indeed, micro‐assembly enables to integrate in the plane or out of the plane at the chip level of dies/microcomponents that are issued from different and incompatible microfabrication processes. Progresses recently made in robotics now makes assembly of components smaller than the millimeter (being able to go until some μm) with positioning accuracy better than the micron possible. That opens very interesting prospects in terms of design for new microsystems obtained by vertical integration of microcomponents (Fig 1) but also in terms of design and control of microrobots since the performances to be reached (precision, speed, reproducibility) lead us to the limit of the state of the art.
The purpose of this day will be to discuss of the content and outlooks of this new alternative which relies at the French national level at the interface between two GDR (Research group of the CNRS) names “Robotics” and “Micro‐Nano Systems”.