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FEMTO Engineering

FEMTO Engineering

Maturation & technological development for industry

FEMTO Engineering, a technology center in the region of Franche-Comté, France, is an extension of the FEMTO-ST institute. It takes research out of the institute and into companies of the industrial sector to fulfill their needs for innovation.
FEMTO Engineering undertakes technological developments in 6 areas of innovation:
•    Time & frequency
•    Energy
•    Optics
•    Clean room microtechnologies
•    Biomedical
•    Mechanics

Innovative solutions

For companies to remain competitive or to conquer new markets, FEMTO Engineering offers innovative industrial solutions:
•    Technological feasibility study in contact with your R&D team,
•    Developments to internalize new processes,
•    Preproduction,
•    Technological services / Tests / characterization of pieces or devices

FEMTO Engineering meets industrial demands, thanks to an expertise relying on on FEMTO-ST Institute’s know-how and technological resources:
•    Technology center for clean room micro & nanofabrication with national standing (a 1400 m² clean room)
•    Femtosecond laser
•    Uliss : an ultra-stable cryocooled sapphire oscillator
•    Electrical, magnetic, thermal modeling
•    PHIL Platform (Power Hardware In the Loop)
•    Fuel cells platform
•    Proteomics platform CLIPP
•    MIPHYSTO platform: microfabrication for miniaturization, functionalization and hybridization of microtechnical systems


FEMTO Engineering
15B Avenue des Montboucons
25030 Besançon Cedex