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The Engineering and Transfer Cell (CIT)

The Engineering and Transfer Cell (CIT)

The Engineering and Transfer Cell (CIT) of Applied Mechanics Department was created in September 2007.

The CIT is assigned with the technological transfer and the development of researchers’ works toward regional and national companies. Its action fits in upstream (feasibility study) or downstream (transfer of developed tools, expertise) of industrial problematic.

In this way, it acts as the interface between the companies and different thematics and skills of Applied Mechanics Department. It meets and guides manufacturers to persons to contact within the department and the types of collaborations to consider so as to complete their project successfully.

For this, it can rely on laboratory human or experimental means.

This operating method authorizes a real reactivity and permits to answer as quickly as possible to manufacturers’ demands.

The CIT is a common service dedicated to the members of the department , its role consists in:
-Motivating and accompanying industrial collaborations
-Highlighting the results of the department
-Advising and supporting the companies

Answering requests on expertise
Skill fields of CIT:
- Numerical simulation, finite element calculations,
- Eigenmode and eigenfrequency determination (experimentation and simulation),
- Structures active control,
- Mechanical tests: traction, torsion, intern and extern pressure under temperature (static or fatigue)
- Physical, chemical and mechanical characterization of materials
- Materials manufacturing: hydroforming, fritting, molding, wire erosion
- Surfaces characterization : hardness, roughness, surface energy, friction, wear
- Structure optimization
- Design and realization of prototypes
- Feasibility study
- Technological surveillance

The CIT is certified AFAQ ISO 9001 for the realization of services for partnership activity.


Key Figures...

- Date of creation: 2007
- 2 fixed-term contracts and temporary workers (according to work contract)
- Customers: Europcopter, Airbus, Medtronis, DS Smith…


The CIT is lead by:

- CARBILLET Stani : / 03 81 66 55 70 (Head)
- HUANG Sheng-Jun : / 03 81 66 60 30


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