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Présentation du département AS2M

Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems Department

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The research carried out at the AS2M department deals with Automatic control, Robotics, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering. More specifically we address issues corresponding to the following axes:

Scientific topics

AS2M thématique1

from static proof of concept in µ-nano-robotics to dynamic methods                                                                                              

- study advanced control laws for high speed (trajectory) control                                                                                                 

 - study mesoscaled object non-contact manipulation

 - improve dynamics& accuracy in perception (vision, force)

AS2M thématique2

from micro-actuators to real pluri-DOF microrobots

 - improve dexterity in micro-nanohandling

 - produce complex micro-assembly methods

 - studyhigh miniaturisedrobots

- produceµ-n-robots to characterize µ-n-scales

AS2M thématique 3

promote the development of intelligent and cognitive systems

- improve availability of systems exploiting prognostics methods

- improve life time of systems by optimizing maintenance

- produce smart microrobotsfor diagnosis and autonomous operations

Technological platform

The AS2M department has developped two major experimental platforms:

  • The µROBOTEX platform including several equiments enabling micro-nanomanipulation and characterization
  • The I-Sys platform "Intelligent Systems" including equipments enabling tests of defaillances on several types of systems in order to build data base for PHM team.

The AS2M research activities are organized in four research groups: