Research departments

Présentation du département AS2M

Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems Department



The research carried out at the AS2M department deals with Automatic control, Robotics, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering. More specifically we address issues corresponding to the following axes:

  • Microrobotics, notably for micromanipulation and microassembly, for characterization and for biomedical applications,
  • Control of systems at the microscale (microrobots, microactuators, microsystems),
  • Prognostics & Health Management.

These research works lead to many prototypes and several systems which exhibit new technologies and methods developped at AS2M. Among them one can mention:

  • A microrobotic platform for micromanipulation and microassembly,
  • A pronostic platform.

The AS2M department also works through several national and international collaborations and many research projects.

The AS2M research activities are organized in four research groups: