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The AS2M Department

Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems Department

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Research in our AS2M Department is firmly grounded within the disciplines of robotics, mechatronics, automatic control and artificial intelligence. Through its science the department expresses its desire to create systems in total synergy with FEMTO-ST’s strategy, especially LABEX ACTION. All projects revolve around three major scientific challenges: the exploitation of the overall dynamics of microsystems, along with the improvement of both systems dexterity and of systems intelligence.

With its 70 members, the department studies microactuator controls characterized by high dynamics, strong nonlinearities and an unfavorable signal-to-noise ratio. It has also acquired a widely recognized experience in the design of microassembly control systems and microrobots for minimally invasive surgery.

The AS2M Department’s activities rely on an experimental base supported by the platforms µROBOTEX and “Intelligent Systems” I-Sys.
- The PIA µROBOTEX platform can call upon the department’s entire set of micro-/nanomanipulation facilities.
- I-Sys, or “Intelligent systems”, combines on a single platform the entire range the PHM team’s equipment for testing the accelerated aging of systems.

Research Teams

The AS2M Department is comprised of 4 different research teams:

› The CODE team (Control and Design), which studies micromechatronic systems and control laws for positioning and manipulation at the micro-/nanometric scales;

› The MiNaRoB team (Biomedical Microrobotics), which investigates micro-/nanorobotic systems for microsurgery and individualized manipulation of biological cells;

› The PHM team (Prognostics and Health Management), which is focused on the development of advanced algorithms for classification, prediction and decisions so as to predict the lifetime of complex systems; and

› The SPECIMen team (Sensing strategies, Perception and Characterization at the Micro- and Nanoscales), working on the development of functions of perception and their reliability, and also on the data processing of mechatronic systems operating at the micro-/nanometric scales.

Scientific topics

AS2M thématique1

From static proof of concept in µ-nano-robotics to dynamic methods                                                                                              

- study advanced control laws for high speed (trajectory) control                                                                                                 

 - study mesoscaled object non-contact manipulation

 - improve dynamics& accuracy in perception (vision, force)

AS2M thématique2

From micro-actuators to real pluri-DOF microrobots

 - improve dexterity in micro-nanohandling

 - produce complex micro-assembly methods

 - studyhigh miniaturisedrobots

- produceµ-n-robots to characterize µ-n-scales

AS2M thématique 3

Promote the development of intelligent and cognitive systems

- improve availability of systems exploiting prognostics methods

- improve life time of systems by optimizing maintenance

- produce smart microrobotsfor diagnosis and autonomous operations

Contact and location

Tel: (33 3) 81 40 28 01 - Fax: (33 3) 81 40 28 09

24 rue Alain Savary
F-25000 BESANÇON Cedex

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