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Maryvonne Dulmet

Group : MiNaRoB

You can find here my publication list. If you want to obtain a copy of one of them and you can not obtain it otherwise, please contact me

Publication list :

Category article
  • Simulating change propagation between product architecture and development organization
    International Journal of Mass Customisation (Volume 3, Issue (3), 2010, Pages :288 - 310)
    Bonjour, Eric | Harmel, Ghassen | Micaëlli, Jean-Pierre | Dulmet, Maryvonne
    pdf | doi | bibtex
Category inproceedings
  • Managing the competencies of team members in design project through multi-period task assignment.
    Collaborative Networks for a Sustainable world. / Saint-Etienne, France (Volume 336, 2010, Pages pages 338-345)
    Hlaoittinun, Onanong | Bonjour, Eric | Dulmet, Maryvonne
    pdf | bibtex