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Xianlong Chen

Mécanique Appliquée
Group : D-SMART

  • Tel. :
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  • Address : Campus Portes du Jura Cours Louis Leprince Ringuet 25200 MONTBELIARD

You can find here my publication list. If you want to obtain a copy of one of them and you can not obtain it otherwise, please contact me

Publication list :

Category inproceedings
  • A new method for Poisson's ratio measurement with Time-of-Flight technique - Application to the preliminary design of smart composite structures
    SPIE Smart Structures + NDE (2018)
    Chen, Xianlong | Meyer, Yann | Lachat, Rémy | Ouisse, Morvan
  • Laminates with integrated piezoelectric transducers : influence of the transducers location along the thickness-axis on the structural performance
    VIII ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials (SMART 2017) (2017)
    Chen, Xianlong | Meyer, Yann | Lachat, Rémy | Ouisse, Morvan
  • SmaRt Composite StructurE (Project SyRaCuSE) Towards mastering challenges concerning the product lifecycle
    20th International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS) (2017)
    Meyer, Yann | Lachat, Rémy | Chen, Xianlong | Salmon, Sébastien | Ouisse, Morvan