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Research Teams of the AS2M dept.

"AS2M" Department Research Teams

Research in our AS2M Department is organized around four themes, each investigated by a different team:

› MACS (Methodologies for the automatic Control and for the Design of Mechatronic Systems)
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Biomedical Microrobotics (MiNaRoB)
Our MiNaRoB team is focused on the study of micro-/nanorobotic systems for microsurgery and individualized handling of biological cells.
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› Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)
Our PHM team develops advanced algorithms for classification, prediction and the decisions necessary to assess the state of health and to predict the lifetime of complex systems.
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Nanorobotics (Robotics and Mechatronics at Small-Scales)

   The Nanorobotics team aims at studying design, perception, control and metrology aspects of smart materials and micro-nanorobotic systems

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