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The goal of our CODE (COntrol and DEsign) team is to develop micromechatronic systems and innovative command laws for the rapid, precise and safe manipulation and positioning at the micro-/nanometric scale.

Based on a unique multidisciplinary position joining theoretical and experimental developments, the team’s work is highly original:
- Theoretical : modeling, analysis and control of systems having both a static and dynamic behavior;
- Experimental : implementation of new principles of operation and measurement; the study of problems of accessibility, measurement and noise; implementation of experimental procedures for the identification of parameters for models being developed.

code team

Goals and Research Areas

The team’s investigations cover three broad themes:
› Design and development of new micromechatronic systems
› Modeling and control of mechatronic and micromechatronic systems
› Study of the tasks of complex micro-/nanorobotics


With its unique capacity and means to experiment (MEMS Analyzer in the MIMENTO technology center, microrobotic platform under SEM, etc.) and its skills in systems theory (multiphysics energy approaches, robust approaches, nonlinear methods), the CODE team is in a unique position associating high-level design, analysis and control.

Implementing our work

Our CODE team is nationally and internationally recognized in the fields of microrobotics and automatic control (particularly in nonlinear automatic control and distributed parameter systems). Locally, this is seen in its active participation in LABEX ACTION (participation in the PIA fund, co-responsibility for DEMO1 (Adaptive Metacomposites) and for WP5.3 (Architecture Systems), and in several financed projects (associated with the financing of WP4 (Microsystems) and WP5 (Architecture Systems) financing).

The team also collaborates regularly with the MN2S, DISC, OPTICS and APPLIED MECHANICS Departments in regional, inter-regional and European projects.

At the national level the team has assumed scientific and organizational responsibility for the “Equipment of Excellence” of FEMTO-ST’s partner ROBOTEX. The CODE team is also an active player in the French scientific community through its participation in the research group MACS (directing the EDP work group, representing the FEMTO-ST Institute, organizing courses for the “Day of Automatics” (2011) and in the research group Robotics (working for the multiscale manipulation work group and sitting on the group’s scientific council).

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