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Sensing strategies, Perception and Characterization

at Micro- and Nanoscales


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Open Post-doctoral position:

Automation of micro-nano sample preparation for EBSD analysis

Start date: 1st of february 2016 - Duration: 12 months (pdf).


Mechatronic systems operating at micro- and nanoscales are based on innovative designs that necessitate specific sensing devices and/or methods in order to optimize the overall performance of sensorimotor loops (sensing, control, actuation) operating at such scales.

Scientist issues explored by the SPECIMeN group are divided into two parts. One is focused on the development of sensing devices operating at micro- and nano-scales and the other is focused on the processing of the information provided by such sensors.


The development of sensors operating at micro- and nanoscales leads to problematics such as modelling, design and calibration of sensors, static and dynamic disturbances or defects characterization and compensation in order to maximize the performance and the quality of measurement must also be addressed (pdf, 1306 Ko).

The exploitation of sensors providing information from micro- and nanoscales leads to problematics such as multiscale sensing for task automation, sensing strategies optimization and characterization of micro-objects and interactions between micro-objects (pdf, 2005 Ko).


The SPECIMeN group deals with these scientific problematics in several research or industrial cooperative projects, some of them being conducted in partnership with others femto-st departments like MN2S, DMA and Optical departments. The SPECIMeN contribution in these projects is mainly focused on (pdf, 1003 Ko):

  • micro- and nano-force measurement for mechanical characterization:
    • MICROBE : Franche-Comté regional project
    • MEMS-Nanotrib : project of LabEx ACTION (done within the framework of Equipex ROBOTEX)
    • FIMICAP : Franche-Comté regional project
  • SEM vision-based nanopositioning for nanomembrane mechanical characterization:
  • Fast and adaptative SEM imaging for dynamic characterization:
    • SEMSAW : prospective project of LabEx ACTION and BQR ENSMM (done within the framework of Equipex ROBOTEX).

Group head: Emmanuel Piat