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DISC Presentation

Département d'Informatique des Systèmes Complexes (DISC)

Department Presentation

The DISC is the Department of Computer Science for Complex Systems. It results from the integration since january 2012 of the former Laboratory of Computer Science of the University of Franche-Comté (LIFC) into the FEMTO-ST institute.

In the regional context, the new DISC department completes the FEMTO-ST already rich set of competences by the introduction of computer sciences. Its main research goal is to model, to simulate, to develop and to validate complex systems.

Thus the department, that employs approximately 100 people, is structured by means of four research teams:

  • Numerical Distributed Algorithms (AND)
  • - Numerical simulation and grid computing
    - Sensor networks, chaos and dynamic discrete systems

  • Shared algorithmic cooperation, Networks, Optimization and scheduling (CARTOON)
  • - Optimization and services in complex systems
    - Synchronous shared algorithmic for collaborative systems

  • Optimization, Mobility, NetworkIng (OMNI)
  • - Multi-scale mobile networks

  • Verification and validation of software and embedded systems (VESONTIO)
  • - MV2: Modeling for verifying and validating
    - CASSIS: Symbolic and with constraints verification and validation
    With the aim of encouraging the collaborations both inside the department and with the other FEMTO-ST departments, four lines of research have been proposed, that are transverse to this team structuring:

  • E-health, micro and nano-systems for health
  • Information safety and security in complex systems
  • MIDi, smart distributed micro and nano-systems
  • Transport and mobility services

Geographical distribution

The DISC department members are located in three distinct sites in Besançon, Belfort and Montbéliard

Since january 2000, the Besançon staff is located at the Bouloie Campus, on the fourth floor of the metrology building, aisle C.

As for the Belfort-Montbéliard site, that employs more than the third of the teachers-researchers, they are located at the IUT in Belfort, and at the "Portes du Jura" university pole in Montbéliard.