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The Nanosciences group selected by Omicron for their Result of the Month

Omicron, a private company that manufactures surface tunneling microscopes (STM), has selected a paper of the Nanosciences group that recently appeared in Physical Review Letters as its Result of the Month for October 2008. More on line at

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Best Poster Award: Younes Makoudi@Elecmol08
Younes Makoudi, PhD@FEMTO-ST, won the best poster award during the Elecmol08 international conference in Grenoble on December 12 ( The aim of his work is the adsorption of functional molecules on surfaces which plays a vital role in the emerging field of nanoelectronics.
Room temperature stable molecules adsorbed on semi-conductors
The « nanosciences » group has demonstrated for the first time that conjugated organic molecules can be observed on semi-conducting substrates at room temperature, whether they are isolated or self-organized.
Best poster award for work on nanoparticle synthesis using microreactor at Indian Conference
The poster entitled “Gold nanoparticle synthesis at room temperature using microreactor” won the first prize of best poster at the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology which took place in Gurgaon, India from December 17th to 21st 2007.

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