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MN2S research axes

Research axes of the MN2S department

Micro Instrumentation, NANOsciences & waves (MINANO)

Bent phononic waveguide

Bent phononic waveguide

The scientific aims of the MINANO research axis are to create nano objects by structuration or auto assembly, to probe them locally, to explore their phononic and physical properties. The research axis is composed of three focused groups:

  • Micro Instrumentation
  • Nanosciences
  • Phononic Crystals

The research axis is coordinated by Vincent Laude. Access the MINANO pages.

Multiphysics Microsystems

Détail des aiguilles et électrodes

Micro-needles for in-vivo electroporation

The sientific aim is to ally various skills in physics and engineering science to construct full-featured microsystems, for instance in view of designing full-featured MEMS/MOEMS combining optics, electronics, acoustics, fluidics, thermal sciences, and biochemistry.

The research axis is coordinated by Christophe Gorecki. Access the Multiphysics Microsystems pages.

MIcro NAno MAterials & Surfaces (MINAMAS)

Croissance GLAD

GLancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) of thin layers

The scientific aims of the MINAMAS research axis are to study and deposit nano structured thin films for MEMS/NEMS, and to study the surface properties of materials: micro nano tribology, adhesion and surface forces.

The research axis is coordinated by Nicolas Martin. Access the MINAMAS pages.