Research departments


Department of Optics P. M. Duffieux


Head of Department : Hervé Maillotte

Deputy directors: Maxime Jacquot et Maria Pilar-Bernal Artajona

Executive secretary : Valérie Fauvez

Do not hesitate to contact Valérie or Hervé for more informations or requests about our research department, whether for a Ph. D Thesis or a post-doctoral stay, an industrial service, a scientific collaboration or just a visit !

Research Groups


Nonlinear Optics (ONL) : Thibaut Sylvestre

Optoelectronics (OPTO) : John Dudley

Nano-Optics (NO) : Thierry Grosjean

Biophotonics (BIO) : Bruno Wacogne



Secretary : Sarah Djaouti

financial management : Aline Chagrot

Documentations and Archives : Bélinda Lafon

Webmaster : Thibaut Sylvestre

Staff Members

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