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Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Scanning probe / Atomic Force Microscopy (Multimode SPM)
Nanoscope Software version 5

Contact :

TEMIS Sciences Building
03 63 08 24 52 (Office)

Location :

TEMIS Sciences Building
AFM room

Principle :

The MultiMode tool allows 1) to characterize the topography of biological samples at the nanometer scale (Imaging mode) and 2) to measure the interaction forces between two molecules (Spectroscopic forces mode).

AFM en mode imagerie

AFM with Imaging mode (scan x/y)

AFM en mode spectroscopie de forces

AFM with Spectroscopic forces mode

imaging modes are available including contact and intermittent contact modes (tapping) that are the most frequently used on this equipment. This latter method is obtained by oscillation of the lever at its resonant frequency.

contact mode_AFM
Intermittent contact_AFM

This equipment will also offer the opportunity to work in a liquid environment through the use of a fluidic cell (see figure below). In the case of observation of biological samples, this tool allows to work in physiological conditions (buffered medium, salts, etc ....).

Cellule fluidique_AFM

Fluidic cell to work on liquid environnment

Technical characteristics :

- SPM MultiMode head
- Scanners : 7411EV and 1306J

Description of  the scanners :

Tableau Scanners_AFM

- Noise : < 0.3 Å RMS
- Sample size: diameter 15 mm; thickness ≤ 5 mm

- Lever holders :

Tapping mode/contact mode in air (std); (available at Institut Femto-st)
Tapping mode/force modulation in fluid (optional); (available at Institut Femto-st)
Force modulation in air (optional); electrical field (optional)
STM converter (optional)
Low-current STM converter (optional); contact mode fluid cell (optional)
Electrochemistry AFM or STM fluid cell (optional)
Electrochemistry tapping mode fluid cell (optional)
TRmode (optional)

- Vibrational and acoustic insulation :

Anti-vibration table
Foam bell

Achieved results :

Micro/nano-etched substrates:

GaAs microstructuré_AFM

GaAs etched by wet etching

Terrasses d'or_AFM

Gold terrace

Oxyde d'Al poreux_AFM

Al2O3 porous

Biointerfaces :

Protein monolayer on gold chip

Monocouche protéique sur puce d’or

Before (A) and after (B) immobilization of a protein monolayer

Red blood cells catched on gold chip

Globules rouges capturés sur puce d’or