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Dry and Wet Etching

Dry and Wet Etching

MIMENTO technology centre has a resource dedicated to the etching of differents materials by dry or wet etching. By choosing the appropriate reactive gases, a wide range of materials can be thus etched (Silicon, Quartz, Glass, LiNbO3..). Also, a wide range of etchants is available for more or less selective wet etching at ambient or thermostated baths.

• Dry Etching


List of the materials etched by plasma at MIMENTO :

Tableau des matériaux gravés

Equipments :

Bâti de gravure profonde DRIE, ALCATEL
Photo Equipement RAPIER SPTS
Bâti de gravure ionique réactive fluoré PLASSYS
Equipement Nanoplas

• Wet Etching

Phot_Gravure chimie

Equipments :

Paillasse d'usinage humide (KOH + BHF) (CTMN)
Paillasse de Si poreux
Photo_Equipement Vapeur HF_1

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Dry Etching :

Wet Etching :