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Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) ALCATEL

Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) (ALCATEL)
Bâti de gravure profonde DRIE, ALCATEL

Contact :

Temis Sciences building – Office N1-22
03 81 66 55 83 (Office)
03 63 08 23 74 (Dry Eching Area)

Location :

TEMIS cleanroom
Dry Etching area

Principle :

Silicon can be etched in an anisotropic (or isotropic) and dry way with the technology called “deep RIE”. This method combines deposition and etching plasma assisted processes. While the silicon is etched, the process enables to deposit a fluorinated component on the pattern walls in order to passivate them. Etching-deposition cycles with given gases and time enable to etch deeply and anisotropically the silicon independently of its orientation.

Technical specifications :

- ICP source power : 2kW RF
- bias source power : 0.5 kW RF
- Mechanical clamping with cooled wafer holder (-20 to 30°C)
- Wafer size : pieces up to 4 inch
- Available gas : SF6, C4F8, He and O2

Etched materials :

This equipement is dedicated to the Si and SiO2 (<1µm) etching.

Table of etching performances :

Tableau performances_DRIE Si

Achieved results :

Piliers Si_DRIE Alcatel

Si pillars (size = 2.5µm and depth = 30µm)

Pointe Si_DRIE Alcatel

Si tips

Nanostructures Si_DRIE Alcatel

High aspect ratio = 13.6 (size = 550nm and depth = 7.5µm)

Démoulage PDMS Si_DRIE Alcatel

Si isotropic etching for PDMS unmoulding