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Dry photofilms

Dry photofilms

The photoresist is in the form of a relatively thick dry film (several microns to several tens of micron) protected by 2 leaves of polymer. This film cannot be spin-coated, it is already in solid form. It is applied by means of a roller.

Principe_film secLaminoir_Film sec

Principle of dry film rolling                                        Rohm and Haas Electronic 360/N roller

The interest lies in the speed of realization of a thick photoresist pattern, especially since it is possible to roll leaf on leaf.

Achieved results :

Film sec SU-8Film sec SU-8_1

SU-8 microform DF 1020 dry film
1 leaf : 18 µm                                                            3 leaves : 54 µm

Film sec LAMINARFilm sec LAMINAR_1

LAMINAR® E7820 dry film - 1 leaf : 50 µm

Dispo fluidique SU-8Dispo fluidique SU-8_1

Micro-fluidics device at 2 levels made from SU-8 microform DF 1020 leaves