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This industrial production line is managed by a spin-off of FEMTO-ST: Frec’N’Sys and is dedicated to small series fabrication of micro and nano-piezoelectric components as Surface Acoustic Waves devices for both RF and optics markets. In that context, the company develops new competences in the field of MEMS, particularly for the fabrication of composite materials combining piezoelectric thinned wafers bounded to any single crystal wafer. This fabrication will occur in the FEMTO-ST Institute's cleanroom (at “Maison des Microtechniques”, TEMIS).

The originality of the project is to share this area between Research and Industry so this technological platform is unique in France and is placed at the heart of the wordwild competition.

The area of the clean-room is around 200m² in ISO 5. The main equipments available in this industrial line are: a high resolution lithography machine (a stepper with a resolution of 350nm), automatic coater and development machines and deposition clusters, and several characterization set-ups (CD SEM equipment, probe station …).