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Hybrid microfabrication centre : MIFHYSTO


This centre develops new technologies in mechanical microfabrication, surface functionalisation and hybridisation with clean room processes for producing components with dimensions or characteristic details at the submillimetric scale.

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Micro/nanorobotics centre : µROBOTEX

plateforme microrobotex

This centre is part of a national network of 5 robotics excellence centres officially recognized by the « Government Investment Program for the Future ». It offers services in micro/nanocomponents, characterization, manipulation and micro-assembly.

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fuel cell systems centre

The FCLAB research federation provides an experimentation platform for testing fuel cell systems, in particular the durability of energy sources for electric and hybrid vehicles and for stationary applications.

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 Time & Frequency metrology centre : OSCILLATOR-IMP


This facility benefits from the “French Government Investment Program for the Future” and is dedicated to the characterization of short-term frequency stability (from 1ms to 1 day). This tool uses the best frequency references currently available covering a wide frequency spectrum (from RF to optics) and state-of-the-art comparative measuring instruments.
This platform significantly improves the measurement resolution for both the accredited services activities (calibration) and the research and development needs.

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