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Paper prize at the international conference VPPC 2014

At the International IEEE "Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference" conference held in Coimbra, Portugal from 27 to 30 October 2014, “Hybrid & Fuel Cell Systems” Research Team of Femto-ST Institute won the Paper Prize for the paper titled “Energy management of an hybrid electrical vehicule in degraded operation”

This paper studies the energy management of a hybrid electrical vehicle equipped with batteries, an ultracapacitor system (UCS) and a fuel cell system (FCS). The energy management strategy (EMS) is designed to enable degraded operation in case of failure of one of the energy sources. In the considered architecture, the vehicle is not operational without batteries because they impose the DC bus voltage, hence degraded operations are only considered for failures in the FCS or in the UCS. The objective is not to develop a new EMS for each degraded operation mode, but to slightly modify the global EMS developed for normal operation. The paper presents simulation and experimental validation results.

See the article (pdf, 1084 Ko)

Award VPPC

Award VPPC

Award VPPC

A book about flexible robotics co-written by Nicolas Chaillet
The objective of the book "Flexible Robotics: Applications to Multiscale Manipulations" is to provide those interested in the field of flexible robotics with an overview of several scientific and technological advances in the practical field of robotic manipulation.
Nonlinear Optics and Supercontinuum Symposium
A one day “Nonlinear Optics and Supercontinuum Symposium” will be held on Friday 20 September in the Amphi FEMTO in honour of Professor Chinlon Lin who will be here in Besançon during this time.
European Time and Frequency Seminar (EFTS)
The European Frequency an Time Seminar (EFTS) will be held from Monday, August 16 to friday, August 30 2013.
Two ERC Grants for FEMTO-ST Institute in 2011
Prof John DUDLEY & Dr Yanne CHEMBO from the Optics Depmarment of FEMTO-ST Institute (UMR 6174 CNRS-Université de Franche-Comté) have both received a financial Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to support the top level scientific excellence of their research projects
Summer school in Microrobotics and Self-assembly for hybrid MEMS
The general context of the summer school concerns the micromanipulation and assembly of such complex microsystems. From the state-of-the-art, integration technologies for heterogeneous microsystems are based on Microrobotics or Self-assembly approaches.

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