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TEMIScience Project

The TEMIScience project

The project

The TEMIScience project aims at grouping in the same area all of the research departments of FEMTO-ST that are presently scattered on the Besançon campus.

This real estate project is composed of two complementary operations:

  • Construction of a « TEMIScience » building that will gather together the LPMO and the Optics departments as well as the FEMTO-ST Headquarters and general services. This building will be erected close to the Applied Mechanics and LCEP departments, as well as close to the MIMENTO technology center that will be located in the "Maison des Microtechniques (TEMIS Innovation)" buiding from 2008.
  • Extension of the clean room facilities of the MIMENTO technology center.
plan temis

Technical facts

The TEMIScience project involves:

  • The erection of a 7500 m² research building with 3 floors, aiming at hosting approximately 260 people;
  • The addition of 345 m² of clean room facilities to the present 400 m².