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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

FEMTO-ST’s Quality policy is based on the ISO 9001 certification of standards for general or interdepartmental Services. The policy’s function is to ensure the efficiency of these Services, through their management, their operation, their integration within the institute and the specific tasks they undertake for users, within the objectives defined by and shared between the institute’s direction and the Head of each Service.


› To ensure to all users easy and equitable access to the Services;

› To provide users with answers and monitoring concerning specific tasks corresponding to each project, from start to finish;

› To ensure traceability of Service activities so that reports can be made based on pertinent indicators in order to:
- Manage each Service and attain regularly updated objectives;
- Manage skills and materials;
- Ensure the sharing of experience.

› To make improvements based on an open and shared communication between Service personnel and users;

› To ensure optimal efficiency of Service activities and a fair return to staff members for their efforts.

Each year, this policy and its objectives will be presented to the entire personnel and periodically monitored when reviewing quality management. Each of the institute’s staff members must be aware that in no case does the policy constitute a rigid set of constraints, but rather a state of mind, a methodology and rigor, with the participation of all, in the goal of efficiency.

As Director and Deputy Directors of FEMTO-ST, we thus pledge to:

  • Support the actions of the Head of Quality, as a representative of the institute’s Direction, as prescribed by ISO 9001;
  • Ensure the implementation and sustainability of the quality management system, in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001, to enforce the provisions and to periodically assess progress;
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements related to our profession;
  • Ensure that our quality policy is relevant to our strategy;
  • Ensure that this quality policy is communicated and understood within the institute;
  • Ensure that the resources required to achieve the desired results are duly implemented.

Nicolas CHAILLET, Director of FEMTO-ST
Marie-Cécile PERA and Laurent LARGER, Deputy Directors of FEMTO-ST

The Department of Applied Mechanics is also certified ISO 9001.

Tatiana Locatelli
Isabelle Maillotte-Navarro