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Place : Maison de l'économie - 46 Avenue Villarceau - 25042 BESANCON CEDEX

May 28

9:00-9:45 - Registration and Coffee

9:45-10:00 - Welcome

10:00-10:30 - An area hydrophone based on CMUT arrays - P. Cristman, O. Oralkan, S. Zhuang, T. Carver, B. (Pierre) T. Khuri-Yakub

10:30-11:00 - A resonant CMUT sensor for fluid applications - M. Thränhardt, P.C. Eccardt

11:00-11:30 - Wafer bonded CMUTs for immersed applications - K. Midtbo, A. Ronnekleiv, E. Poppe, J.Due-Hansen, D.T. Wang

11:30-12:00 - Coffee break

12:00-12:30 - A custom -design front- end electronics for catheter-based intracardiac imaging using capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers - A. Nikoozadeh, O. Oralkan, K. Thomenius, A. Dentinger, D. Wildes, K. Shivkumar, A. Mahajan, D.N. Stephens, M. O'Donnel, D. Sahn and P.T. Khuri-Yakub

12:30-13:00 - Annular CMUT arrays and integrated electronics for intravascular ultrasound imaging - J. Zahorian, G. Gurun, M. Hochman, S. Satir, A. Sisman, P. Hasler, M. Karaman and F.L. Degertekin

13:00-14:15 - Lunch

14:15-14:45 - Air-coupled CMUTs with resonant cavities - A.O. Manzanares and F. Montero de Espinosa Freijo

14:45-15:15 - Some aspects of acoustic backing of CMUT arrays on silicon with integrated electronics - A. Ronnekleiv and S. Berg

15:15-15:45 - Minimizing the bottom reflections in Ultrasonic CMUT transducer backing using low profile structuring - K.R. Chapagain and A. Ronnekleiv

15:45-16:00 - Coffee break

16:00-16:30 - Space arrangement of the cMUT cells in an array - M.N. Senlik, S. Olcum, V. Tas, H. Koymen and A. Atalar

16:30-17:00 - Combined finite difference – Lumped modelling of fluid loaded Cmut arrays - C. Meynier, F. Teston, D. Certon

17:00-19:00 - Free time

19:00-20:30 - Reception and visit of the time museum

20:30-23:00 - Dinner in Besançon (centre Diocésain)

May 29

9:00-9:30 - A spring-mass-damper model for CMUTs with circular cells - I. Wygant, M. Kupnik and P. Khuri-Yakub

9:30-10:00 - Simple model for the electrostatic force on a CMUT membrane with large displacements - O. Arbey, M. Berthillier, J. Lardiès, S. Ballandras

10:00-10:30 - Influence of adhesive rough surface contact on micro-switches - L. Wu, V. Rochus, L. Noels, J.C. Golinval

10:30-11:00 - Coffee Break

11:00-11:30 - Characterization of non linear response of cMUT membrane by LASER interferometry measurements - N. Sénégond, F. Teston, J.E. Bernard, C. Meynier and D. Certon

11:30-12:00 - An analytical model for the pull-in voltage of capacitive mechanical sensors - J. Lardiès, O. Arbey, M. Berthillier

12:00-12:30 - Compensation of nonlinear behaviour of capacitive micromachined transducers for non linear imaging - A. Novell, M. Legros, J.E. Bernard, D. Certon and A. Bouakaz

12:30-14:00 - Lunch

14:00-14:30 - Modelling of cMUT for harmonic balance analysis - H. K. Oguz, S. Olcum, M.N. Senlik, A. Atalar and H. Koymen

14:30-15:00 - Method for non linear analysis of CMUT Networks in the frequency domain - M. Berthillier, O. Arbey, J. Lardiès, E. Sadoulet-Reboul, S. Cogan

15:00-16:00 - Panel discussion

16:00-16:15 - Coffee break

16:20 - Bus to the train Station