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Démos et posters


- Micro-assembly and characterization of Micro-Optical Benches

- X-Y microstage for confocal microscope

- Digital microrobotics

- Control of nanogripper for DNA characterization


- Capteur de force 3D souples micro-usinés pour l'instrumentation d'interfaces haptiques

- DNA origami imaging with 10.9MHz AFM MEMS probes

- Micromachined array-type Mirau interferometer for MEMS metrology

- Micromachined 3D microscanner

- Robotic Micro-Assembly: application to Micro-Optical Benches

- Handling, self-aligment and joining of ultra-thin dies

- Micro-Nano- Systèmes III-V

- 3-dof control of a pneumatic conveyor

- GaAs resonant biosensor : theoretical results and micro-fabrication