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Objective, scope and contribution

Objective, scope and contribution

The SN4MS workshop aims at sharing theoretical, experimental and operational results in the conception and development of Social Network based and Peer-to-peer oriented mobility services.Both Social Networks based and Peer-to-peer oriented
applications will be addressed, such as, in particular, Dynamic and Multi-scale Mobility Services based on wireless communications. Modern smartphones and multi-communication embedded systems operating in relation with peer-to-peer or centralized shared mobility services are instrumental in the conception and development of innovative applications. Shared mobility services include dynamic car-pooling, car sharing, and real-time resource sharing. Therein, the social networks involved go beyond the static use of an Internet application but also in a dynamic and mobile Internet application, and even more in a web-service oriented peer-to-peer application which may rely on embedded and native smartphone applications.

The lessons learned while conceiving, developing and maintaining such applications is that they are particularly exposed to environmental perturbations, unreliable wireless telecommunication and high mobility versatility.

This poses extraordinary challenges both to the designers and to the research community who attempt to provide real-time and multi-scale social network based applications. Targeted applications may be sharing mobility application in global and public transportation policy services and systems. Then simulation, emulation and optimisation frameworks may complete the tool set to address multi-scale mobility services, from individual or collective human mobility to large-scale RF-Mems mobility.

Novel papers are invited both from academia and from industrial research environments. Submissions should describe original theoretical or empirical results, new techniques or in-depth user studies. on a series of social network based mobility services topics converging towards smart and mutualised mobility:

- Wireless smartphone or internet mobile enhanced organization, optimization, simulation, emulation, tracking, real-time transportation management
- Mobility, transport, resource planning and optimisation,
- Smart mobilities, robust and flexible cooperative mobility or services
- Simulation, emulation, real-world testbeds and commercial experiences
- Degradable wireless communication
- Privacy, confidentiality, awareness, discrete to continuous wireless services
- Service usage and user assistance
- ICT positioning based services or applications
- Peer-to-peer positioning services, peer-to-peer contextual services
- Innovative applications enabled by human mobility for other disciplines, such as sociology or environmental sciences
- Inspiring mobile social applications and services (Social-On-The-Go)
- Mobile social networks for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
- Mobile applications for social sciences and large data collection enabled by human mobility and crowd-sourcing