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French-Russian-German Laser Symposium 2013

French-Russian-German Laser Symposium 2013

This 2013 edition of a French-Russian-German Laser Symposium in Besançon, is the continuation of many previous such meetings (Moscow, Nice, Novosibirsk, etc...). It was originally organized every two years between France and Russia (GDRE action funded by the CNRS and RFBR). More recently it merged with Germany who also had similar bilateral meetings, thus leading to a trilateral one (started in 2009 in Nizhny-Novgorod, then in 2011 in Goessweinstein). This meeting is partly supported by the ACCESS program of the French Ministry of Research, and by the Region Franche-Comté funding program for excellence in Research.

It is intended to attract leader researchers from the three countries, working on hot topics related to Lasers and their applications. The main topics of the symposium are concerned by Quantum Optics, Optical Information Processing and Complex Optical Systems, Optical Clocks Nano-Photonics.

Organization committee:

Elisabeth Giacobino (LKB, Paris),
Gerd Leuchs (MPI Erlangen),
Victor Zadkov (Moscow State Univ.),
John Dudley and Laurent Larger (FEMTO-ST, Besançon).

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