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Tatiana Kovalevich

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PhD in Optics – FEMTO-ST Institute, CNRS (in collaboration with EPFL), Besancon (France) – Bloch Surface Waves in one-dimentional photonic crystals, Optics
France: Thierry Grosjean (CR, CNRS), Maria-Pilar Bernal (DR, CNRS)
Switzerland: Hans-Peter Herzig (Professor)

The main idea underlying this work is to use the advantages of Bloch Surface Waves (BSW), such as low losses and high field confinement at the 1DPC surface for various optical devises. Depending on materials used for the multilayer the BSW based platform can be used for integrated optics, biosensing or as a new challenge for molecule trapping. The main goal is to develop new designs of 1DPC loaded by an active top layer or additionally nanostructured for above listed applications.

Vous trouverez ici la liste de mes publications. Si vous êtes intéressés par l'une d'entre elles, et ne pouvez pas en obtenir une copie, n'hésitez pas à me contacter

Listes des publications :

Category article
  • Polarization controlled directional propagation of Bloch surface wave
    Optics Express (Volume 25, Issue (5), mar 2017, Pages :5710 - 5715)
    Kovalevich, Tatiana | Boyer, Philippe | Suarez, Miguel Angel | Salut, Roland | Kim, Myun-Sik | Herzig, Hans Peter | Bernal-Artajona, Maria-Pilar | Grosjean, Thierry
    doi | bibtex
  • Experimental evidence of Bloch surface waves on photonic crystals with thin-film LiNbO3 as a top layer
    Photonics Research (Volume 5, Issue (6), oct 2017, Pages :649-653)
    Kovalevich, Tatiana | Belharet, Djaffar | Robert, Laurent | Kim, Myun-Sik | Herzig, Hans Peter | Grosjean, Thierry | Bernal-Artajona, Maria-Pilar
    doi | bibtex
  • Tunable Bloch surface waves in anisotropic photonic crystals based on lithium niobate thin films
    Optics Letters (Volume 41, Issue (23), dec 2016, Pages :5616-5619)
    Kovalevich, Tatiana | Ndao, Abdoulaye | Suarez, Miguel Angel | Tumenas, Saulius | Balevicius, Zigmas | Ramanavicius, Arunas | Baleviciute, Ieva | Hayrinen, Markus | Roussey, Matthieu | Kuittinen, M. | Grosjean, Thierry | Bernal-Artajona, Maria-Pilar
    doi | bibtex
Category inproceedings
  • Tunable unidirectional coupling of Bloch surface waves controlled by the magnetic field of light
    SPIE – Photonics West 2018 / San Francisco, California United States (Volume 10541, Issue 95, 2018)
    Wang, Mengjia | Zhang, H. | Kovalevich, Tatiana | Salut, Roland | Kim, S. | Suarez, Miguel Angel | Bernal-Artajona, Maria-Pilar | Herzig, Hans Peter | Lu, Huihui | Grosjean, Thierry
Category phdthesis
  • Tunable Bloch surface waves devices
    (dec 2017, )
    Kovalevich, Tatiana
    pdf | bibtex