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Conception et commande de systèmes micromécatroniques

Control of microsystems, System control theory

The purpose of this thematic group is to develop new tools and theory for the control of microsystems. The subjects treated in this group are non linear modelling and control, robust control, infinite dimensional systems and port Hamiltonian framework.
These theoretical concepts are applied on piezo systems, electrostatic actuators, MEMS, smart materials ...


Port Hamiltonian modelling and Control of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys based actuators


Non linear and robust control of piezo MEMS


Dynamical characterization of microscale noises with control perspectives


Modelling and control of electrostatic nanotweezers for dynamical characterization of DNA bundles


Port Hamiltonian modelling and control of irreversible thermodynamic systems


Infinite dimensional port Hamiltonian systems


Feedforward control of nonlinear, badly damped and thermal sensitive Microsystems


Modeling, control and signals estimation in nonlinear and badly damped piezoelectric Microsystems