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Conférence de Oliver Wright le 13 septembre 2007

Tracking surface phonons on phononic crystals

Periodic elastic structures, or phononic crystals, promise diverse applications in the control of propagating sound. These acoustic metamaterials, with one-, two- or three- dimensional periodicity in their acoustic impedance, possess stop bands where the elastic waves are heavily damped. We track broadband surface phonon wave packets in 1D and 2D microscopic phononic crystals in two dimensions and in real time with an ultrafast optical technique. The eigenmode distribution and the 2D acoustic band structure are obtained from spatiotemporal Fourier transforms of the data up to 1 GHz. We find stop bands at the zone boundaries for both leaky-longitudinal and Rayleigh waves, and show how the structure of individual acoustic eigenmodes in k-space depends on Bloch harmonics and on mode coupling. We also track phonon pulses in phononic crystal waveguides and cavities.

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Fu-Li Hsiao receives a Best Student Paper Award at IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium 2007
Fu-Li Hsiao, a PhD candidate shared with the National Central university of Taipei, Taiwan, has received one of the Best Student Paper Awards at IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium 2007, held in New York from October 17-31, 2007. The title of his contribution was "Experimental Study of Complete Band Gaps and Waveguiding inside Phononic Crystal Slabs".
Worshop - Prolégomènes au calcul quantique
Le worshop "Prolégomènes au calcul quantique" aura lieu à FEMTO-ST à Besançon, les 21et 22 novembre 2007. Ce workshop est soutenu par un Projet exploratoire pluridisciplinaire (PEPS) du département ST2I du CNRS.
Best Poster Award at ElecMOl’06
A joint report of collaborative work with researchers of the Laboratoire de Physique Moléculaire was awarded a Best Poster Award during the ElecMOl’06 meeting (December 2006, Minatec, Grenoble, FRANCE). The topic of the communication was about "self-assembly & supramolecular architecture".

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