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Polymers and charged polymers micromoulding

Contact :

ENSMM building
03 81 40 27 72

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Principle :

Industrial micromoulding machine for bi-matter microcomponents fabrication. It yields small volume moulded pieces (less than 0.1 cubic millimetre to few cubic millimetres). The injection machine possesses two separate screws to obtain bi-matter components with polymer or charged ones (moulding by fibres, metallic or ceramic injections).

Technical characteristics :

- Mass: 0.0011g to 0.02g
- Injectable volume : 0.025 to 1.1cm3
- Maximal injection speed : 760 mm/s
- Mould closing force : 50kN

- Screw diameter :

• Worm feeder : 14mm
• Dosing piston : 4mm

- Gap between fixed and mobile plates :

• Minimum : 100mm
• Opening : 200mm
• Closing : 300mm

- Pressure measurements system in mould cavity
- Vacuum pump for injection and stripping with no filling problems
- Pre-dosing system for an accurate volume control
- Bi-matter components fabrication with L disposition
- Micro-component automatic evacuation after its moulding and laying onto a travelling table
- Geometric quality of the production observable with a CCD camera
- Temperature control of the press-interfaced mould: 3 hot channels zones
- Components production performed in an enclosed space (class 100)

Achieved results :

Main applications regard biomedical, electronics fields and components for micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems.