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Double-side EVG 620 alignment system

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Double-side EVG 620 alignment system

Alignement systems

Simple side / Double side

Contact :

Laurent ROBERT
TEMIS Sciences Building – Office N1-21
03 81 66 66 47 (Office)
03 63 08 21 00 (UV Lithography Room)

Location :

TEMIS cleanroom
Lithography Area

Principle :

Alignment system description: these machines enable to expose a photoresist-coated substrate through a mask. After development, we can obtain either the mask or its negative pattern if the resist is negative. The mask can also be aligned with pre-existent patterns on the substrate in order to work on different levels. The ultraviolet radiation is produced by a mercury lamp whose three main lines are 365nm (i-line), 405nm (h-line) and 436nm (g-line).

At FEMTO-ST, two double-face alignment systems easily align a mask with the upper face of the substrate or with the opposite one. Another way is to treat both faces at the same time. Both systems are fitted with a vacuum chamber to make a better mask/substrate contact.

Double-side EVG 620 alignment system

Characteristics :

- Mask size: 3, 4 or 5 inch
- Substrates: 2, 3 or 4 inch
- Nominal lamp power: 13mW/cm2
- Exposure method: time or constant energy,
- Exposure modes: proximity, soft contact, hard contact or vacuum contact (vacuum chamber),
- Alignment accuracy: 0.5µm (on top) 1µm (on bottom),
- Theoretical resolution:
soft contact : < 2 µm,
hard contact : 0.8 to 1.5µm,
vacuum contact: 0.6 µm

Simple-side alignment system

Characteristics :

- Mask size: 3, 4 and 5 inch
- Useful opening: square sides: 60 and 76 mm
- Wafer holder: up to 4 inch
- Alignment microscope: monocular
- Magnification: 8 to 40
- Typical lighting power: 10 to 20mW/cm2
- Exposure modes: soft contact or vacuum contact with vacuum chamber
- Resolution: smallest exposed and developed patterns: 1.5µm (in vacuum contact)

Examples :