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The research groups and their research topics

Nonlinear Optics (ONL)

The research projects of the nonlinear optics group deal with the classical and quantum aspects of laser light through nonlinear materials such as optical fibers or photonic crystal fibers, Lithium niobate crystals, Kerr media, and quadratic nonlinear crystals. We work on different following topics


Optoelectronics (OPTO)

The Optoelectronics group is involved in several key aspects of newly-developped photonic technologies in view of their applications in optical communications systems. Our topics are the following :

  • Chaos-based and quantum cryptography
  • ultra-fast optics
  • Supercontinuum generation
  • ultra-short optical pulse shaping and compression
  • photonic devices
  • femtosecond laser micromachining

Photonics for Medecine (PIM)

The biophotonic team uses optics and photonics for life science, metrology and imaging, as well as optical micro- and nano-systems (Lab-on-chip). Our topics are the following :

  • Biosensing
  • In vitro fertilization, IVF
  • Micropositionning
  • Optical coherence tomography, OCT

Nano-Optics (NO)

The research activities of the Nano-Optics group are the nano- and micro-optics from both a theoretical and a experimental viewpoints. Our topics are :

  • Light Modeling and Numerical Simulations
  • Extraordinary light transmission
  • Plasmonic nanostructures
  • Photonic crystals
  • Nano Antenna