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Biomedical microrobotics


Micromanipulation of a single cell in a volume
Non contact robotics appears as a promising solution to handle objects of less than 10 micrometers. Due to the small scale, on board actuation or sensing is not possible. Remote actuation using magnetic fields enables to power these microrobots. In addition, it can be used either in liquid or in air environments, and it is biocompatible. Major challenges, such as the closed loop control of 3D trajectories or the integration of manipulation tools must still be faced to perform advanced tasks.


Image-guided laser phonosurgery
Surgery makes an increasing use of laser for resection or ablation for its minimal impact on the patient. However, bringing such lasers inside the body remained a challenge until the recent technological solution based on hollow fibers, which opens the way to endoluminal laser surgery. In cooperation with AS2M's CODE and SPECIMeN groups, this action focuses on the design and control of microrobotics systems that can accurately target a laser beam on soft tissues from within the body, namely using endoscopic microvision. Within the FP7 µRALP project, it is applied to the surgery of the vocal chords (phonosurgery) which already makes an extensive use of laser surgery.


Magnetic manipulation of active capsules in the digestive tube using multiple mobile coils
The exploration of the whole gastro-intestinal track for diagnosis is now possible using pill-like cameras. Instead of letting such endoscopic capsules moving passively along the natural peristaltism, an exhaustive diagnosis requires to actively control their displacement. The most recent results deal with the use of magnetic fields to manipulate object at a distance, through the body walls (abdomen, eye), either with fixed electromagnets or mobile permanent magnets. Our specific approach is a hybrid one, based on several mobile electromagnets, which should yield higher manoeuverability.


Synchronizing a pack of microcapsules
Every little helps. Another investigation line at MiNaRoB is to split the paradigm of a centimetric capsule, filled with medication and accurately targeted , into a pack of submillimetric capsules. These submillimetric capsules should indeed be easier to swallow for the patient and reach places that centimetric capsules can not (such as passing through an intestinal stricture due to Crohn's disease). These capsules would need be synchronized so that they collectively can achieve the diagnostic or therapeutic mission.

Nanorobotics in fluid environment

vignette DEP

Closed loop control of dielectrophoresis
Dielectrophoresis (DEP) enables to manipulate microcomponents without contact and thus without adhesion. Automatic control of DEP process deals with the study of highly non-linear and high speed systems...

vignette capillaire

Fluidic microactuator based on microbubbles
Capillary and surface tension forces are predominant in the microscale, microbublles can conseiquently be used as microfluidic actuator in order to control original parallel microrobot inside liquid...

vignette fonctionnalisation

Surface fonctionnalisation for microhandling
As surface effects are predominant in the microscale, changing surface properties via chemical fonctionnalisation is one original way to control microhandling tasks...

vignette nanostructure

Surface structuration for microhandling
Nanostructurations which are able to control both the object and the microgripper roughness is an interested way to control adhesion...

vignette modeling

Modeling the interaction between the micro-objects
The design and control of microhandling tasks requires to understand and predict the behavior of the micro-objects drivent by the interaction forces between them...


Ultra thin dies handling
3D stack electronic components require always thinner dies whose handling is a challenge. We are working on a new fabrication and handling methods which enable the assembly of several stacked dies whose thickness is 5 or 10 microns in spite of 50 microns as usually used in industries