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Nicolas Brosseau-Habert

Publications de Nicolas Brosseau-Habert

2023 (2)

  • inproceedings - Reverse DADI method: a tool for computing dynamic atomic polarizabilities
    Conférence plénière du GDR Ondes (2023) / MARSEILLE, France (2023)
    Brosseau-Habert, Nicolas | Miradji, Faoulat | Devel, Michel | Picaud, Sylvain
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  • inproceedings - Shifts of the UV-visible absorption peaks of soot nanoparticles as a function of their coalescence: an atomistic study
    2023 EGU Training School on Multiscale Characterisation of Atmospheric New Particle Formation (2023) / LAUSANNE, Switzerland (2023)
    Brosseau-Habert, Nicolas | Picaud, Sylvain | Devel, Michel
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