Concours innovation I-PhD : 2 lauréats issus de FEMTO-ST

Maya Geagea (projet ANIOPAC : micro-piles à combustible), et Gaël Matten (projet VIBISCUS : système de réduction des nuisances sonores), grand prix du jury, sont lauréats du palmarès d’innovation 2019

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7 départements scientifiques

Dernières publications

  • A Fusion Method Based on Deep Learning and Case-Based Reasoning which Improves the Resulting Medical Image Segmentations
    Expert Systems with Applications (Volume 147, jun 2020, Pages :113200 (9))
    Corbat, Lisa | Nauval, Mohammad | Henriet, Julien | Lapayre, Jean-Christophe
  • Prognostics methods and degradation indexes of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: A review
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (Volume 123, may 2020, Pages :109721)
    Liu, Hao | Chen, Jian | Hissel, Daniel | Lu, Jianguo | Hou, Ming | Shao, Zhigang
  • COMMA: a New Protocol Used by IoT for Mobile Health Monitoring
    24th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD 2020) / Dalian, China (2020)
    Picard, Alexis | Muthada pottayya, Ronnie | Hanna, Fouad | Lapayre, Jean-Christophe
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