Chaos and rogue waves in a supercontinuum laser

In collaboration with the Universities of Tampere, Aston and ICB laboratory, FEMTO-ST researchers have made significant headway in the ongoing effort to understand the ultrafast chaotic nature of lasers, elucidating for the first time their noise-like pulse operation.

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Julio Andrés Iglesias Martínez receives the Best Student Award at IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium

His work consists in achieving three-dimensional phononic crystals at the micro-scale with record band-gap width.

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Lessons on textile history and fibre durability from a 4,000-year-old Egyptian flax yarn

Published in the journal Nature Plants, work involving FEMTO-ST scientists is helping to propose ever more efficient and resistant materials based on flax fibers.

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  • Reconfigurable waveguides defined by selective fluid filling in two-dimensional phononic metaplates
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP) (Volume 165, feb 2022, Pages :108392 (8))
    Wang, Tingting | Wang, Yan-Feng | Deng, Jing | Laude, Vincent | Wang, Yue - Sheng
  • Good practices for designing and experimental testing of dynamically excited jointed structures: The Orion beam
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP) (Volume 163, jan 2022, Pages :108172 (23))
    Teloli, Rafael | Butaud, Pauline | Chevallier, Gael | Da Silva, Samuel
  • Analysis of temporal consistency management protocols for resource-constrained multi-agent systems
    Engineering and Applied Science Research (EASR) (Volume 49, Issue (1), 2022, Pages :65 - 72)
    Limame, Mohamed | Henriet, Julien | Lang, Christophe | Marilleau, Nicolas

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