Understanding energy transfers during photosynthesis

Using three pigments manipulated by scanning tunneling microscopy, researchers from IPCMS and FEMTO-ST are studying energy transfers between molecules to gain a finer understanding of the photosynthesis mechanism in plants. This work is published in Nature Chemistry.

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International Day of Light on May 16th

This year, the Student Chapter of FEMTO-ST organizes on this occasion a photo contest on the theme ′′ Light phenomena in everyday life ".

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New platform to support the design and optimization of fuel cell hybride system and battery

Virtual FCS" is the first freely accessible online simulation platform to support fuel cell manufacturers and users.

 Supported by a European funding, "Virtual FCS" has for French partner the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté through the FEMTO-ST institute and the FC-LAB

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Last publications

  • Development, presentation and tests of a hybrid thermal vibrational energy harvester based on lead free piezoelectric material
    2nd International conference on Electronics, Control, Optimization and Computer Science (ICECOCS 2020) / Kenitra, Morocco (2021, Pages pages 6)
    Kumari, Neetu | Rakotondrabe, Micky
  • Synthèse des mécanismes de dégradation et de leurs effets sur les taux de dégradation des piles à combustible à membrane échangeuse de protons et des batteries lithium-ion nickel-manganèse-cobalt dans les applications de transport hybride
    Reliability Engineering & System Safety (Volume 212, aug 2021, Pages :107369 (40))
    Lorenzo, Charles | Bouquain, David | Hibon, Samuel | Hissel, Daniel
  • Hydrogen energy systems: A critical review of technologies, applications, trends and challenges
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (Volume 146, aug 2021, Pages :111180 (21))
    Yue, Meiling | Lambert, Hugo | Pahon, Elodie | Jemei, Samir | Hissel, Daniel

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