Recognizing liars from the sound of their voice ?

Scientists have prouved that the intensity, speed and pitch of the speaker's voice automatically influences our perception of the reliability and honesty of his or her speech. This work is published in the prestigious journal "Nature Communications"

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European project for the development of sustainable and high-performance bio-based composites

Led by FEMTO-ST and supported by the University of Franche-Comté, the « SSUCHY » R&D project which brings together 17 European partners is entering its final phase. The project is now quite advanced.

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Understanding the cytotoxicity of metallic nanoparticles

A recent study published in the journal "Chemical Science" and involving FEMTO-ST gives new insights into the understanding of the mechanisms of DNA alteration in cells by metallic nanoparticles.

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Last publications

  • Visual Measurements at Small Scales: Guidelines to Reduce Uncertainties down to a Few Nanometers
    2020 International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales (MARSS 2020) / Toronto, Italy (2021, Pages pages 6)
    Mauze, Benjamin | Dahmouche, Redwan | Clevy, Cédric | Sandoz, Patrick | Hennebelle, François | Laurent, Guillaume
  • The Effect of Magnet Width and Iron Core Relative Permeability on Iron Pole Radii Ratio in Spoke-Type Permanent-Magnet Machine: An Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Study
    Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IJEEE) (Volume 17, Issue (2), jun 2021, Pages :1802 (12))
    Jabbari, Ali | Dubas, Frédéric
  • Influence of the load angle on magnetic radial forces and torque ripple of a low power permanent magnet synchronous machine
    Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (Volume 184, jun 2021, Pages :153-164)
    Uygun, Emre | Hecquet, Michel | Tounzi, Abdelmounaïm | Depernet, Daniel | Lanfranchi, Vincent | Bruno, Serge | Tollance, Thierry

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