Fei GAO Receives IEEE J.D. Irwin Early Career Award

As a member of the SHARPAC team and Deputy Director of FEMTO-ST, Fei Gao has been recognized by the IEEE IES Society for his outstanding work in improving the reliability of hydrogen electric powertrains.

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Last publications

  • Hybrid Architecture of Deep Convolutional Variational Auto-Encoder for Remaining Useful Life Prediction
    30th European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2019 2020) / Venises, Italy (2020)
    Zemouri, Ryad | Al Masry, Zeina | Remadna, Ikram | Terrissa, Labib | Zerhouni, Noureddine
  • Computation of acoustic properties and design guidelines of periodic Biot-modeled foams
    Applied Acoustics (Volume 168, nov 2020, Pages :107428 (11))
    Magliacano, Dario | Ouisse, Morvan | De Rosa, Sergio | Franco, Francesco | Khelif, Abdelkrim
  • Anode purge management for hydrogen utilization and stack durability improvement of PEM fuel cell systems
    Applied Energy (Volume 275, oct 2020, Pages :115110 (11))
    Liu, Zhiyang | Chen, Jian | Liu, Hao | Yan, Chizhou | Hou, Yang | He, Qinggang | Zhang, Jiujun | Hissel, Daniel

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