National Days on Emerging Technologies in Micro-Nanofabrication

These scientific days, which take place from November 30 to December 2 in Besançon, France, bring together the major French players in micro-nanotechnologies, process engineering, physics and modeling of manufacturing processes.

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16th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems

Nearly a hundred scientists from all over the world will meet under the auspices of FEMTO-ST, in Montbéliard from November 28 to 30 to exchange on an interdisciplinary field in full expansion.

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Fei Gao wins the "Sustainable Future Visionary Award"

Full professor at UTBM and researcher at FEMTO-ST institute, Fei Gao is today one of the world's leading specialists in fuel cells and digital twins.

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Latest publications

  • Reconfigurable coupled-resonator acoustoelastic waveguides in fluid-filled phononic metaplates
    Composite Structures (Volume 303, jan 2023, Pages :116355 (7))
    Wang, Tingting | Wang, Yan-Feng | Deng, Zi-Chen | Laude, Vincent | Wang, Yue - Sheng
  • Probing the acoustic losses of graphene with a low-loss quartz bulk-acoustic-wave resonator at cryogenic temperatures
    Materials Science & Engineering: B (Volume 127, Issue (116102), jan 2023, Pages :13)
    Galliou, Serge | Bon, Jérémy | Abbé, Philippe | Vicarini, Rémy | Tobar, Mike | Goryachev, Maxim
  • What does a sliding triboelectrical sensor really measure?
    Tribology International (Volume 179, jan 2023, Pages :108083 (13))
    Stempflé, Philippe | Ratier, Nicolas

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