Final report of the DATAZERO project

A national project to design and manage medium power data centers powered exclusively by renewable energy sources

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Last publications

  • A Robust Prognostic Indicator for Renewable Energy Technologies: A Novel Error Correction Grey Prediction Model
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (Volume 66, Issue (12), dec 2019, Pages :9312 - 9325)
    Zhou, Daming | Al-Durra, Ahmed | Zhang, Ke | Ravey, Alexandre | Gao, Fei
  • A review of DC/DC converter-based electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for fuel cell electric vehicles
    Renewable Energy (Volume 141, oct 2019, Pages :124 - 138)
    Wang, Hanqing | Gaillard, Arnaud | Hissel, Daniel
  • Numerical and experimental investigations on the acoustic performances of membraned Helmholtz resonators embedded in a porous matrix
    Journal of Sound and Vibration (Volume 459, oct 2019, Pages :114873 (17))
    Abbad, Ahmed | Atalla, Noureddine | Ouisse, Morvan | Doutres, Olivier

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