FEMTO-ST is closed

Within the framework of Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and  following the measures announced by the President of the French Republic,  all the premises of our laboratory in Besançon, Belfort and Montbéliard cities are closed to the public from this Tuesday March 17.

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Last publications

  • A Fusion Method Based on Deep Learning and Case-Based Reasoning which Improves the Resulting Medical Image Segmentations
    Expert Systems with Applications (Volume 147, jun 2020, Pages :113200 (9))
    Corbat, Lisa | Nauval, Mohammad | Henriet, Julien | Lapayre, Jean-Christophe
  • Deposition and characterization of ZnO thin films on GaAs and Pt/GaAs substrates
    Materials Chemistry and Physics (Volume 247, jun 2020, Pages :122854 (11))
    Chawich, Juliana | Kuprenaite, Sabina | Margueron, Samuel | Boulet, Pascal | Dubowski, Jan J. | Elie-Caille, Céline | Leblois, Thérèse
  • Prognostics methods and degradation indexes of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: A review
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (Volume 123, may 2020, Pages :109721)
    Liu, Hao | Chen, Jian | Hissel, Daniel | Lu, Jianguo | Hou, Ming | Shao, Zhigang

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