Mengjia Wang receives the « Chinese government award 2020 »

As a PhD student of the Optics Department of FEMTO-ST , Mengjia Wang has been recognized by the Chinese Government for his outstanding work in the field of nanophotonics and plasmonics.

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Laurent LARGER named Fellow 2021 of OSA

Full professor of Physics/Optics at the University of Franche-Comté and researcher at FEMTO-ST institute, Laurent Larger is rewarded for his pioneering work on nonlinear dynamics in optoelectronics and on the development of new architectures for photonic artificial intelligence.

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CNRS "Proof by Image" competition

 Discover the selection of the 20 images selected by the CNRS, one of which is presented by FEMTO-ST, and vote for the "audience award" photo.

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Last publications

  • Numerical analysis of fractional viscoelastic column based on shifted Chebyshev wavelet function
    Applied Mathematical Modelling (Volume 91, mar 2021, Pages :374 - 389)
    Cao, Jiawei | Chen, Yiming | Wang, Yuanhui | Cheng, Gang | Barriere, Thierry | Wang, Lei
  • LiNbO3 films – A low-cost alternative lead-free piezoelectric material for vibrational energy harvesters
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP) (Volume 149, Issue ( ), feb 2021, Pages :14)
    Clementi, Giacomo | Margueron, Samuel | Lombardi, Giulia | Suarez, Miguel Angel | Lebrasseur, Eric | Ballandras, Sylvain | Imbaud, Joël | Lardet-Vieudrin, Franck | Gauthier-Manuel, Ludovic | Dulmet, Bernard | Lallart, Mickael | Bartasyte, Ausrine
  • Research on the effect of liquid-liquid doping processes on the doped powders and microstructures of W-ZrO2(Y) alloys
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Volume 855, feb 2021, Pages :157335 (12))
    Xiao, Fangnao | Barriere, Thierry | Cheng, Gang | Miao, Qiang | Wei, Shizhong | Zuo, Shiwei | Yang, Yanping | Xu, Liujie

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