Focus on the innovations of the "hydrogen-energy systems" sector

A few days after the announcement by the government of the launch of a major national hydrogen plan, the Femto-ST institute is organizing on 20 June 2018 at the FCLAB in Belfort, a focus on innovations in the "hydrogen energy systems" sector.

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  • Towards the design of high-performance plant fibre composites
    Progress in Materials Science (Volume 97, aug 2018, Pages :347 - 408)
    Bourmaud, Alain | Beaugrand, Johnny | Shah, Darshil U. | Placet, Vincent | Baley, Christophe
  • Identification of the viscoelastic properties of the tBA/PEGDMA polymer from multi-loading modes conducted over a wide frequency–temperature scale range
    Polymer Testing (Volume 69, aug 2018, Pages :250 - 258)
    Butaud, Pauline | Ouisse, Morvan | Placet, Vincent | Renaud, Franck | Travaillot, Thomas | Maynadier, Anne
  • Model parameter Identification of keloid-skin composite undergoing large deformations
    13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics / 2nd Pan American Congress on Computational Mechanics (2018)
    Sutula, Danas | Chambert, Jérôme | Chouly, Franz | Bordas, Stéphane | Jacquet, Emmanuelle

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