Entrepreneurs-PhD Award : Second place for Vladimir Gauthier at the national level

Awarded for his « CellSelect project » he proposes a robot capable of improving the precision and speed of cell sorting in the field of innovative therapies.

His work is the result of research carried out of Biomedical Microrobotics Team of FEMTO-ST Institute.

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Last publications

  • Health Risk Assessment and Decision-Making for Patient Monitoring and Decision-support using Wireless Body Sensor Networks
    Information Fusion (Volume 47, may 2019, Pages :10 - 22)
    Habib, Carol | Makhoul, Abdallah | Darazi, Rony | Couturier, Raphael
  • EK-means: a New Clustering Approach for Datasets Classification in Sensor Networks
    Ad Hoc Networks (Volume 84, mar 2019, Pages :158 - 159)
    Rida, Mohamad | Makhoul, Abdallah | Moustafa Harb, Hassan | Laiymani, David | Barhamgi, Mahmoud
  • On the compromise between performance and robustness for viscoelastic damped structures
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP) (Volume 119, mar 2019, Pages :65 - 80)
    Jaboviste, Kévin | Sadoulet, Emeline | Peyret, Nicolas | Arnould, Charles | Collard, Eric | Chevallier, Gael

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