AS2M department
Automatic Control
Robotics, mechatronics, automation and artificial intelligence

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AS2M Research Teams

The research activities of the department are structured in 3 teams:

Robotics, Manipulation and Instrumentation at Micro and Nanoscale (ROBIMSS)
The ROBIMSS team exploits the physical effects present at micro and nanometric scales to integrate innovative means of actuation, manipulation and measurement in robotic systems.

Robotics, Modeling and Control (Robotics, Modeling and Control) : The RoMoCo Research Teams aims at developing new methods for the modelling, the design, and the control of original miniaturized robots and mechatronic systems. A particular interest is given to locally and continuously deformable structures. The team is organized in three topics namely: Soft and continuum robotics, Parallel robots & dexterous manipulation, and Port Hamiltonian System

DATA-PHM : The DATA-PHM team whose work focuses on the development of advanced algorithms for classification, prediction and decision to prognosticate the life of complex systems.

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