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FEMTO-ST Women Chapter

The Women Chapter of FEMTO-ST Institute aims to improve the integration and understanding of gender issues in the specific context of Sciences ans Research, by proposing concrete actions, exploring good practices, monitoring the situation, support for the women of the institute and gender cooperation.

The aim of its actions is to increase the visibility of women and to improve the support given to women in the scientific community. This will make it possible to create more and more fruitful coexistence, in respect, mutual aid and collaboration.

At the laboratory FEMTO-ST, the actions of the Women Chapter is intended for doctoral students and staff of the FEMTO-ST labpratory in order to :

- Create a better understanding between staff on women's and men's issues concernig gender stereotypes

- Create a sense of cohesion and integration to avoid the isolation of minority female staff

- Raise awareness of equal opportunities between women and men and sexist behaviour


Outside the laboratory, the Women Chapter aims to commit to parity in the field of science by raising awareness among young people (middle school, high school) about equal oportunities between women and men with regard to access to scientific professions.

Routine activities of the FEMTO-ST Women Chapter include, for example, activities for interntional Women's Day (8 march) and International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February), seminars and facilitation of discussions at Institute-wide meetings or outings that provide time for discussion and exchange for the institute's female staff.

Finally, the Women Chapter is involved with the University of Franche-Comté and its platform This platform is committed to supporting victims of sexual and gender-based violence, discrimination, harassment or any other form of violence. This S.O.S. reporting system is open to the entire university community: staff, students, outside contributors and users.
It is open to anyone who feels they are a victim or witness to any form of violence.

If you wish to participate in the Women Chapter's activities, to be kept informed of our activities, or to ask a question, please send an email to


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