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Phononics & Microscopy

Phononics & Microscopy


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Abdelkrim KHELIF


The research activities of the Phononics & Microscopy team are at the crossroads of micro-instrumentation—the science of metrology of physical phenomena at the micron scale—and phononics, an emerging field.

Phononics encompasses an entire array of disciplines: phononic or sonic crystals, acoustic metamaterials, superlattices and periodic structures. Domains of application can be found at all scales, ranging from vibration isolation to thermal transport at the nanoscale in semi-conductors, including MEMS or wireless communications filters.

The study of physical phenomena at small scales and of their couplings involves the development of multiphysics instrumentation systems. Some of the group's activities are centered on the field of microscopies (acoustics, thermal science, thermoelastics).

Goals and Research Areas

The team’s research is organized around 3 main and closely related themes:

› The team is particularly well known for its research on phononic crystals, especially for its contribution to the theoretical aspects as well as for its achievements in the domains of ultrasounds and surface elastic waves. It also investigates local resonance phenomena and acoustic metamaterials.

› The team is also active in the fields of local-wave microscopy, particularly in thermal science, and of metrology of elastic vibrations in MEMS. It develops metrology systems adapted to hypersonic phononic crystals, as well as to the dynamic metrology of thermal and acoustic systems.

› Lastly, the team works on phoxonic crystals (crystals which are simultaneously phononic and photonic) and on photon-phonon interactions (between light and sound).


The Phononics & Microscopy team possesses state-of-the-art experimental means to measure wave propagation in phononic crystals and in micro-acoustic devices (RF probe station, ultrasound measurements, a femtosecond pump-probe setup for metrology and imaging). It develops thermal measurement instruments for small scales and optical interferometers for vibration metrology. It relies heavily on the MIMENTO technology center for the fabrication of MEMS and micro-acoustic devices.