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“FCLAB (Fuel Cell Lab): Towards efficient fuel cell systems"


The FCLAB research federation brings together all research teams working in the field of fuel cell systems in Franche-Comté. It also has a strong national character, with the participation of teams from Paris and Lyon. It is based on four research laboratories (FEMTO-ST, AMPERE, IFSTTAR-LTE and SATIE) and five institutions (CNRS, Université de Franche-Comté, UTBM, ENSMM and IFSTTAR).

The fuel cell (PAC), as an integrated element in energy generation or storage systems, promises to be an essential pillar of the future of global energy. PAC systems include both the battery and the auxiliaries that enable it to operate in a given environment. The behavior of these multi-physical systems (electrical, fluidic, electrochemical, thermal, mechanical, etc.) and multi-scale systems (time and space) are difficult to grasp. The research carried out within the FCLAB federation aims to better understand them and make them work better so that the industrial deployment of PAC technologies becomes a reality. The actions of FCLAB are defined, in the field of hydrogen-energy, according to:
4 application areas, according to recent industrial developments:
- Hydrogen cogeneration based on hydrogen (animator P. Briois, UTBM)
- Coupling to renewable energies, storage of electricity by the hydrogen vector (moderator M. Becherif, UTBM)
- Transportation / Hydrogen Mobility, fuel cell electric vehicles (moderator A. de Bernardinis, IFSTTAR)
- Solid hydrogen storage (P. Nardin Facilitator, UFC)
4 pedestals of scientific expertise and know-how:
- Design and integration of fuel cell subsystems (animator S. Jemeï, UFC)
- Performance analysis and durability of fuel cells and electrolysers (facilitator N. Zerhouni, ENSMM)
- Optimization of the architecture of hybrid systems based on fuel cells (animateur F. Gao, UTBM)
- Socio-technical transition towards a hydrogen-energy economy (Facilitator F. Picard, UTBM)

Objectives of the FCLAB

The main objectives of the CNRS FCLAB Research Federation are:
• continue and amplify the development of scientific links between the Federation's research teams, in particular as regards the supervision of doctoral students and the response to Calls for Projects (national, European, international)
• exploiting the convergences and complementarities of competences between the different teams, either by organizing joint actions (in the case of convergences) or by making resources available (in the case of complementarities)
• accompany current developments towards the use of experimental platforms for tests, in particular on the sustainability of energy sources
• to integrate new skills and scientific subjects carried by the research teams newly members of the FCLAB federation and to make them grow and develop
• make it possible to have all the competencies required for the development of fuel cell and hydrogen-energy systems, from their development to their coupling / integration in real devices, within the same structure
• propose a cross-cutting, historical and socio-economic approach to the evolution of the fuel cell to identify technical, scientific and political locks in a diachronic and synchronic manner in order to promote societal acceptability ( Political, industrial, users) and placing on the market
• develop consultation on scientific policy and recruitment between different laboratories, while respecting their autonomy of decision
• allow an external, targeted and objective evaluation of the results of the scientific development actions carried out
• to develop internal and external communication actions in order to facilitate the exchange of information within and between laboratories and in order to increase the (external) visibility of activities carried out by the Research Federation
• develop communication activities for the general public (science days, a class / researcher, a science bar, etc.) in order to facilitate the societal acceptability of these new technologies (important in particular in the case of the use of hydrogen as a fuel)
• foster the development of innovation and the creation of start-ups on the subject of hydrogen energy and fuel cell systems
• support the development of a regional and national ecosystem (academic and industrial) around hydrogen-energy systems

The FCLAB in figures

140 staff, permanent staff (researchers, teachers-researchers, IATOS staff) and contractors (doctoral students, post-docs, ATER ...)
€ 5M consolidated budget
Each year, on average:
2 patent filings
10 to 15 doctoral theses supported
60 publications in scientific journals of rank A
20 invited lectures, 100 papers in conferences


Director / Director:
Professor Marie-Cécile PERA

Secretary / Office:
Such. : + 33 (0) 3 84 58 36 00
Fax: + 33 (0) 3 84 58 36 36

Fédération FCLAB
Rue Thierry Mieg
90010 Belfort

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