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The SADIAND joint laboratory is part of a context favourable to the development of artificial intelligence, with increasingly large volumes of available data, ever more powerful algorithms and machines, and increased complexity in decision-making due to an uncertain and changing environment. Its application within Civil Security, for the benefit of populations and their protection, is a major challenge.

SADIAND proposes to establish a permanent collaboration between FEMTO-ST and SAD MARKETING to develop a new generation of intelligent solutions for the fire and rescue sector, with a double objective: flow forecasting and optimisation of the operational response. The ultimate goal is to guarantee the continuity of the public emergency service.

SADIAND combines the expertise of SAD MARKETING and FEMTO-ST.



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The measurement of the exposure of people and equipment to the surrounding electromagnetic fields (EM) is more than ever a major health and safety issue and requires adequate sensors to assess the related risks.

SYRAH-lab - for Sondes intégrées hYperfréquences pour la mesure de RAyonnement électromagnétique à Haute sensibilité - which combines the expertise of Kapteos and FEMTO-ST, aims to develop broadband electric field sensors with micrometric spatial resolution and high sensitivity (< 100 μV.m-1.Hz-1/2).


The FAST-LAB -- Certified And Secure Time and frequency transfer

This common laboratory project inaugured in july 2019  aims at promoting and shaping the interest of the FEMTO-ST institute and the company Gorgy Timing for developing secure and certified time dissemination systems.

The applications of this work include mobile telephony, GPS, stock exchange transfers and sensor networks.

FEMTO-ST, through its Time and Frequency department, exhibits a long and internationally recognized expertise in characterizing and generating ultra-stable frequency signals. Digital signal processing techniques applied to radiofrequency (RF) signals, derived from software defined radio techniques, for characterizing time and spectral characteristics of oscillators provide the opportunity to bridge the fields of interests of the two partners. FEMTO-ST also provides expertise in the field of cybersecurity through the security test team of the Computer Science department (DISC), hence providing a synergy on the research topics ranging from time-frequency to software security.

More information, click FAST-LAB

Contacts :

Jean-Michel FRIEDT -

Bruno LEGEARD - blegeard@femto-st



After numerous collaborations, through research projects and theses, and the creation of an R&D branch in Besançon in 2008, the company SENSeOR  has committed in 2015 with FEMTO-ST on a structured bilateral partnership by creating a joint research laboratory, named PHASES - "Physical Acoustics, Sensors and Embedded Systems .

The aim of this collaboration, which lasted until 2019, was the joint development of incremental and breakthrough innovations in fields related to the development of new high-performance, wirelessly searchable, low-cost passive sensors, as well as their valorization

Contact: Thomas Baron

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