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FEMTO Engineering

FEMTO Engineering

Maturation & technological development for industry

FEMTO Engineering, a technology center in the region of Franche-Comté, France, is an extension of the FEMTO-ST institute. It takes research out of the institute and into companies of the industrial sector to fulfill their needs for innovation.
FEMTO Engineering undertakes technological developments in 6 areas of innovation:
•    Time & frequency
•    Energy
•    Optics
•    Clean room microtechnologies
•    Robotics & micro robotics
•    Biomedical

Innovative solutions

For companies to remain competitive or to conquer new markets, FEMTO Engineering offers innovative industrial solutions:
•    Technological feasibility study in contact with your R&D team,
•    Developments to internalize new processes,
•    Preproduction,
•    Technological services / Tests / characterization of pieces or devices

FEMTO Engineering meets industrial demands, thanks to an expertise relying on on FEMTO-ST Institute’s know-how and technological resources:
•    Technology center for clean room micro & nanofabrication with national standing (a 1400 m² clean room)
•    Femtosecond laser
•    Uliss : an ultra-stable cryocooled sapphire oscillator
•    Electrical, magnetic, thermal modeling
•    PHIL Platform (Power Hardware In the Loop)
•    Fuel cells platform
•    Proteomics platform CLIPP
•    MIPHYSTO platform: microfabrication for miniaturization, functionalization and hybridization of microtechnical systems

 FEMTO Engineering was awarded Institut Carnot accreditation for the quality of its research partnerships.



FEMTO Engineering
15B Avenue des Montboucons
25030 Besançon Cedex

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